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Decoration knowledge: how to keep bathroom wooden furniture maintenance
Author: Adam Wan29 August, 2015

As consumers increasingly high demands for quality of life, wooden furniture plays an important role in our life, especially the bathroom wooden furniture, are easily damaged, so how can we guarantee their service life? Plate selection is critical

Body panels which make up the majority in the bathroom furniture, want to choose bathroom furniture, the main material can not be careless. Choose Cabinet pad not only waterproof, but also meets E1 standards, which are key to protect the health of their families.

Second, back protection is very important
In the process of selection of bathroom furniture, consumers must be attention to the details on the back. Dual decorative veneer back panel could entirely avoid exposed MDF substrate, water no longer have a chance from the back of the Cabinet into the sheet, waterproof is a good helper.

In real life, it may not always be cleared thoroughly after bathing the ubiquity of water, and water vapor. Back cover not only waterproof and extended life span of the furniture protector.

Third, the subtleties of observation
Selection of bathroom furniture must focus on small sections of human design, this is the key factor of buying furniture. Must not let the small details of furniture making professional by observation can be aware of the details.

Four, internal space can not be ignored
Bathroom furniture generally after a period of use, under the sink cabinet floor begins to deform, was hidden in the condensation of the water left in the Cabinet at the end of cabinets soaked furniture. Not easily noticed that the place could be due to neglect of protection and concerns and have serious consequences.

Five, the installation procedure should be in place
When you install bathroom cabinets often need to cut holes in Cabinet Board, multi-function edge strips to wrap a sheet material cutting edge, play a good waterproof effect. Choose the right bathroom furniture is just the first step. Water and water vapor is softer, wanted a thorough waterproofing will choose a professional brand, waterproof from all sides. Bathroom is relatively damp places, wooden furniture in this environment to avoid damp, pay attention to these five tricks can make wooden furniture

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