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How to let custom made bathroom become a common practice
Author: Grace Wu1 September, 2015
Driven by the industry's personalized needs in custom fashion, bathroom industry is no exception, consumers in order to create a higher home life for bathroom products demand more personalized, customized bathroom in the market also often outcrop, customized market, bathroom enterprises need to quickly seize business opportunities, then in the context of the Internet, with the Internet to create a fast channel is very important.

The establishment of QQ customer communication and exchange platform for the establishment of QQ customer communication group and exchange platform is one of the best online sales, but sales staff must be quick thinking, wide knowledge, all aspects of customized bathroom and professional knowledge must be proficient, able to withstand the customer's problems, but also to have patience, a strong ability to persuade the order. Let the old customers introduce a friend to the customer's order consumption can not be regarded as a one-time consumption. Enterprise to the old customer's feelings, relationship maintenance is necessary, each customer has their own circle of friends, colleagues circle, friends and relatives, so that they introduce customers is a very easy and simple things. To win the ability to organize a group of customers to buy a lot of customer organization ability, enterprise can first persuade such customers to buy, tell him to buy the enjoyment of the preferential policies, to encourage him to organize a group to buy a higher degree of confidence in their own organizations, the attraction is also stronger. Hundreds of standing in the customer's point of view, the reason why the customer is on the network to understand the custom bathroom, because there is not much time to store detailed consultation.

Therefore enterprise network sales personnel can stand on the customer's point of view to consider the issue, with friends will enterprise product style, service rules, notes, etc. simple and clear introduction to the customer; enterprise consumer items in advance to inform the customer, to dispel concerns about the customer, let to attend to customers easily understand custom Sanitary Consumption of whole process, enhance customer's trust of enterprises. Cross industry alliance many businesses are aware, a single marketing model has been unable to attract the attention of consumers, but also can not bring substantial results. Industry generally believe that the combination between the industry is a way out. Specific operations, product, service as a link to form a strategic relationship with the value of value-added chain network, with the combination of products and services to stimulate consumption, and ultimately the formation of a chain between home improvement services, so that businesses share resources.

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