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How to put the bathroom mirror? Talk about you want to know the bathroom feng shui
Author: Grace Deng31 August, 2015

The mirror is an essential part of my daily necessities. Family in the mirror will be placed in the living room, bedroom, there is a bathroom. Here and we explore the bathroom mirror of the place of Feng Shui stress.
The bathroom is the most suitable place in the whole house, especially for those who do not have the windows of the bathroom, the mirror can play a role in improving the sense of space. And just to get up, only to see the mirror from the dream back to reality. Because the mirror represents the development of the cause, so the mirror to keep clean, remember to dry the mirror surface water stains and fog, must be clear, the better.

What shape is the bathroom mirror for the best?
Placed in the bathroom mirror, generally speaking, the shape of the square is the best, because it itself represents a balance and orderly, square Founder is just right. So must not have sharp edges and corners. Square mirror if you can go with a round of hand washing pool and a suitable light, it will be more conducive to the establishment of a balance of Feng shui. Another round and elliptical mirror is also suitable for use, but not the use of diamond and polygon mirror.

With a small mirror makes big mirror what pay attention to Feng Shui?
In the decoration of the time, but also to pay attention, it is best to use the whole piece of large mirror, and can be as clear as the more complete the better. Such as the choice of silver mirror, it is the most non distortion of the mirror, it is the best choice. But in modern decoration, it is a new trend, that is, a lot of people use a lot of small mirrors to combine into a large mirror, the figure is trendy and beautiful. Although this design looks beautiful, but it is the image of the image is fragmented. So such a mirror, according to the word of people will not only affect people's health, is very easy to cause the people to become indecisive, the fortunes of the decline, so not the best.

The bathroom mirror appropriate?
In the bathroom mirror, should try to choose the larger. Because it can be as much as possible expansion and shrinkage due to sleep energy, will make people full of energy; with high spirit. In addition, if people in the mirror, there is a large space above the head, it means that the cause of the development of a bright. But also appropriate, because too many of the space will make people in the dream. But can't choose too small mirror, those who can only see a face in the mirror, certainly not conducive to the development. It can be said to some extent, the bathroom mirror more, indicates that the better future fortune.

Mirror and shape placed in a certain extent influence people's fortune and future must be treated cautiously, to help his apprentice.

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