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How to resist wet bathroom? Six moisture Raiders
Author: Linda Wu14 September, 2015

The function of the bathroom is more and more rich, the need to receive more and more things, the bathroom cabinet as an important tool to receive an essential thing. The wet bathroom is an inevitable problem, how to make the bathroom cabinet goods keep dry? The moisture of the bathroom cabinet is the key to the problem.

Substrate selection is the key
General family of bathrooms only a few square meters of the area, which is difficult to do in a certain extent dry wet partition. The use of the environment requires the bathroom cabinet material and process must be moisture proof. The humidity of the bathroom cabinet is a good use of the relative humidity of 85%. Quality products in full ventilation, humidity is not the time to reach 95%. Box board in the bathroom furniture accounted for a large part, want to choose a good bathroom furniture, you can not be careless about the problem of the box board. Bathroom furniture in the selection of basic to solid wood, moisture, density board as the substrate, the surface of the polyester paint coating waterproof processing, with a strong waterproof, moisture resistance. Need to pay attention to is, in the bathroom to choose the box board is not only to waterproof moisture, maintain good air permeability, the selection of environmental protection materials in line with the national E1 standard is the key to protect the health of the family.

Choose the surface material, good moisture first off
Bathroom furniture panel is the first barrier to the indoor wet air contact, the good this first pass is also very important. In the choice of bathroom furniture, the market will find a large number of panels, you can choose according to their own. High quality solid wood veneer or with plastic resin protective surface graining is easy to maintain, and can make bathroom furniture is classical beauty. And paint, vacuum panels, decorative effect may vary over time, in the production process of the waterproofing treatment, with strong waterproof, moisture-proof function. Daily maintenance, with a wet wipe the surface of the cabinet can be made. After bathing the condensate water vapor application dry cloth to clean and maintain ventilation.

Internal moisture can not be ignored
Perhaps we have had such experience, bathroom furniture in the use of a period of time, the bottom of the tank will appear deformation phenomenon, the reason lies in the cabinet in the pipe is not valued. Along the drops of water left by the water condensation water, unlike table as interesting, and the residual water in the bottom cabinet will continuous immersion furniture. If the internal use of the anti-collision strip waterproof aluminum plate belt, not only can prevent downstream basin, faucet drip condensation water immersion box, and the peculiar of the anti-collision strip can also eliminate closed when the noise.

Back protection is very important
In the process of selecting bathroom furniture, consumers are more likely to be confused by their appearance, will think that the main attention to the selection of the surface material can be. While the back of the details of the attention has rarely, lead to the use of furniture is not long, it is easy to appear quality problems. In real life, it is not possible to do it each time after bathing thoroughly remove ubiquitous drops of water and water vapor, even hide behind furniture is hard to reach parts are wiped clean. Adopt pair of decorative veneer back to avoid MDF substrate exposed, this layer of the door, the water is no longer a chance from the cabinet body back into the sheet, waterproof is a good helper.

Installation process should be in place
When installing a bathroom cabinet often need in a box plate is dug holes along the condensed water pipe flow easily from the plate cutting edge is immersed in a box, box damp deformation caused by. Multifunctional sealing rubber strip to wrap sheet cutting edge, have good waterproof function. Choose the bathroom furniture is only the first step, in order to prevent the details of the process of installation work not completed, also cannot be sloppy. Drops of water and water vapor is pervasive, want to completely waterproof to choose a professional brand, from the aspects of do waterproof and moistureproof, furniture can be timeless.

The subtle observation
Selection of bathroom furniture, the habit, we will be more concerned about the design and use of the material, in fact, some seemingly not very important part of the small part of the success or failure of the key factors in the purchase of bathroom furniture. Bathroom furniture in the hardware is good or bad relationship with our use of comfort, some quality more excellent bathroom furniture, hardware used more quality door hinge, drawer slide. The quality of hardware is relatively inferior to those with a stronger corrosion resistance, relatively speaking, the use of life will be longer. In the bathroom furniture bottom of the pipe outlet is added to prevent the leakage of water from the bottom of the water, the water is immersed in the bottom of the water, to prevent the floor from moisture deformation.

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