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Induction faucet no water? Bathroom maintenance expert advice
Author: Adam Wu22 September, 2015

The development of science and technology has brought great convenience to the life of modern people. The birth of the water faucet is a typical example. However, induction faucet is not Emmanuel. In such cases, users to how to deal with is the temper induction faucet? The following is a small series to see how the maintenance of the common mode of the faucet.

1, there is induction (indicator light) no water: open the solenoid valve inside for cleaning, and then the same as the original installation, with hand, if the solenoid valve does not work (open and closed), and then replace the solenoid valve coil.
2, there is no induction (indicator light doesn't light up) regular water: check whether the power supply is normal, if the power supply is normal, hand induction, the indicator light does not shine, replace the sensing probe.
3, induction (indicating lights) regular water: first check the water whether there are impurities clogging, if not, hand induction, listen carefully to the core of the electromagnetic valve is working (turn-on and turn off the sound, if work, the open solenoid valve internal cleaning, then it is put back.

What problems should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance of the water faucet?
1, often with a clean and soft cloth to wipe the product's appearance.
2, to avoid the use of acid and alkali resistance of chemical.
3, put an end to wipe the plating parts and plastic parts with metal wire or nylon ball.
4, put an end to the hard material on the surface of the product, drawing.
5, put an end to the water directly to the product.
6, keep the table below the dry, to prevent the long-term in a wet state.
7, DC series products, found that the induction lamp should be constantly flashing even when the battery replacement.
8, regular cleaning of the filter to prevent blockage, affecting the normal use.

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