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Product Size/ (MM)



. Solid surface (100%pure acrylic) basin top
. Drain is not included



  U-Bath pure acyrlic Stone Comparison Sheet


 Pure Acrylic 

 Composite Acrylic

 Gel Coat


PMMA Artificial Stone;
Pure Acrylic Solid Surface;
*Dupont Corian?SPAN>  (the same material) 

Normal Solid Surface;
Composite Acrylic;
Unsaturated Polyester Resin


 Main Ingredients

40% PMMA + 
60% Aluminite Powder(ATH)--Chemical Formula: Al(OH)3

3% MMA + 35%  Unsaturated Polyester Resin + 62% ATH--Al(OH)3

Surface: Quality gel coat with unsaturated polyester resin;
Internal Layer: 30% Unsaturated Polyester Resin + 70% Calcium Powder - CaCO3

1. Pure artificial stone doesn't contain unsaturated polyester resin at all;
2. PMMA and MMA come from Korea LG?and Germany Degussa

Color Options

Pure White

Pure White

White, black, red,etc. (Surface Color)

Surface Luster

 Matte, Bright 

Matte, Bright

Matte, Bright 

Thermal Distortion Temperature

100 Celcius Degree
212 Fahrenheit Dgree

60 Celcius Degree
140 Fahrenheit Dgree

60 Celcius Degree
140 Fahrenheit Dgree

Barcol Hardness



44-46 (Surface Hardness)

Flame Retardation



Not flame-retardant

Pure acrylic and composite acrylic artificial stone are flame-retardant because water (H2O) can be released from Al(OH)3 when in fire. 


10-15 years

Around half a year,gradually and slowly turning yellow 

Around 2 years

1.Its anti-yellowness property varies with the materials and grades of resin materials. (PMMA pure acrylic is also a kind of resin). It is also subject to the influence of the natures of filling materials (aluminite powder, calcium powder, etc.). The higher the chemical stability of the ingredients in the material, the more difficult for it to turn yellow. PMMA pure acrylic boasts of perfect chemical stability and physical properties as the main ingredient of organic glass.

2 UV rays can accelerate the aging of resin. Only pure acrylic products can adapt to the outdoor environment.

Dirt-proof Ability

Matte Surface - Good;
Bright Surface - Excellent.

Matte Surface - Poor ;
Bright Surface - Very Good.

Very Good

Surface Anti-scratch Ability

Matte Surface - Very Good;
Bright Surface - Satisfactory.

Matte Surface - Satisfactory;
Bright Surface - Average.

Very Poor, with the scratch unrepairable 

Polishing and Repairing Condition after Usage

Matte Surface - Repairable and applicable to frequent polishing
Bright Surface - Repairable but hard to polish by the users.

Matte Surface - Repairable
Bright Surface - Repairable but hard to polish by the users.


Whether polishing can be done again or not is decided by 2 factors:
1. Whether the surface material and internal material of the artificial stone are the same or not;
2. The matte surface won't leave any evident mark after rough polishing, while the bright surface will leave some visible marks after rough polishing. The users can polish the products again on their own (with sandpaper, from coarseness to fineness, in progressive method), but with higher difficulty.


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