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Your price seems to be high, is it your lowest price?
If you find a lower price on the exact same product at another Chinese manufacturer, we'll match any price, whether you've purchased the product or not. Our price-matching policy applies to an item from another manufacturer store that is:
. The same model with the same color and size as ours
. With the same manufacturer warranties as ours.

How will you face it when parts and accessories are missing incorrect?
If you receive your goods, but find there are parts missing or incorrect pieces included, contact us at within 15 days of receipt of the package. Describe to us the missing part and include any pictures that might help us in processing your request. In cases where common parts are missing or need replacement, it is likely we can quickly obtain a part in order to complete your item or we can send all the additional parts that are missing in next orders.

Once I place my order, when can I expect to receive my products?
Usually the delivery time for us is 30 days for bathroom products, and most of our products are newly made according to each customer's order. If quantity is over 40HQ container, and order urgent, we can try our best to finish in 20 days.

What should I considerate when installing my spa?
The spa should be installed a concrete pad that is at least 4" in thickness The concrete should be sloping enough to permit water drainage away from the spa and its electrical components If you chose to put your spa on wood decking, the decking must be strong enough to support the combined weight of the spa, the water and the individuals in the spa 5 person 2000 litres spa weighs approximately 2500kg. When locating and installing your spa make sure that the equipment compartment is easily accessible for maintenance.

Outdoor Location
If you install your spa outdoors, consider the following :
1. Walking areas around the spa and the path to it should be free of dirt, sand and other debris you don't want in the spa.
2 . The spa should not be installed close to ,or under trees. Tree leaves and birds are detrimental to spa cleanliness.
3. A spa sheltered from weather factors is less expensive to maintain and operate.
4. Thoughtful location of your spa can enhance your privacy safety and security and add to your enjoyment of your spa.

Indoor Location
If you install your spa in door, 2 things need to be considered: water drainage and ventilation. When using the spa, steam escaping from the water surface should be vented out so as not to damage room interiors.

How to use my jacuzzi at safety?
1.Please use the spa when others are present.
2.Children should use the spa only with adult supervision.
3.Children should have spa access only with the permission and supervision of an adult.
4.To reduce the risk of child drowning keep the spa filter clean and unclogged. Do not remove the cover of the main drains .Do not modify the suction or the filtration systems.
5.Spa surfaces are made of smooth materials and with water they become slippery. Exercise caution when entering or leaving the spa. When moving or changing positions be sure of your footing before applying your full weight as water refraction can be misleading.
6.Do not stay in the spa for extended periods of time. Set a reasonable time limit after which leave the spa, cool down, take a shower, relax, then return for another stay in the spa.
7.Test the GFCI before using your spa. The GFCI is located either on the spa control box or in the electrical panel. To test the GFCI push the TEST button and all power is disconnected from the spa, and the spa should stop operating.

Push the RESET button and power will be applied. If the interrupter does not perform in this manner, then it is either defective or a ground current is flowing indicating the possibility of electric shock. Disconnect the power and do not use the spa until the fault has been identified and corrected.
8.Do not permit any electric appliance within 1.5 meters from your spa.
9.If spa using manual needed, please send a photo of your control panel to us, we'll reply the right using manual to you as soon as possible.

Can I do the electrical installation myself?
Yes if the work meets NEC and local code. It is best to have a licensed electrician do the installation. A spa electrical installation must be protected by a GFCI breaker at he panel.

Do I need to pour a concrete slab for the jacuzzi?
A concrete slab is the best spa foundation. A spa can be installed on a deck designed for a load of 130 lbs per square foot. A spa may not be set on dirt or gravel.

How often do I need to drain the jacuzzi?
Once every 4 months on the average. More often with heavier usage. Turn the power off. Attach garden hose to the hose bib in the equipment compartment and let the spa drain. An immersion pump available at the Depot will drain the spa faster.

How often do I need to clean the filters?
On the average once a month the filters should be hosed off (from the inside out). Whenever the spa is drained, it is a good time to rinse the filters overnight in a solution of TSP. The filters should be hosed off before re-use. A set of filters will last many years. It is a good idea to have a spare set for use alternately between clean-ups.

How Long Should I Stay in my Sauna? What is the Appropriate Temperature?
This is usually individualized. Always consult with your doctor if you have health issues or concerns. As with any form of exercise, it is important to build up tolerance. You can begin your sauna session with 15-20 minutes per day, three times a week. Once conditioned, gradually increase the length of your session by 15 minute intervals. The effective temperature range is between 115F-130F. These are tolerable temperatures resulting in a more comfortable, relaxing session that will allow you to enjoy more time in your sauna. Stay hydrated...drink water during your sauna session.
What is the Difference between Carbon Heaters and Ceramic Tubes?
Carbon infrared heat is the latest in sauna therapy technology. The major benefits of carbon infrared heat comes from the material itself as well as the infrared heat that is emitted. Infrared heat is a dry heat that focuses its energy on the object and does not heat the air. This is why it is effective at lower temperatures. Carbon is a modern composite that is renowned for its ability to conduct heat. Studies have shown that it can be up to 98% effective at turning energy into infrared heat resulting in lower maintenance costs. The carbon panels are flat and spread out over a large surface area. The entire surface area is heated producing an evenly distributed heat. Metal and ceramic rods need to concentrate the heat in a small area so they must run at a higher temperature to disperse and maintain the desired heat level. The concentrated heat can cause burns when it comes into contact with the skin. Carbon panels, although hot, are safe to touch. The ceramic tubes do not surround the entire surface area of the sauna making it less efficient in heating the object. In addition, they have hot spots, certain areas of your sauna will have sufficient infrared heat while others have none.


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